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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Aal izz Well

Five point someone made record sales due to the controversy with "3 idiots". Movie is already super-duper hit. Now guess who is real IDIOT ?


  1. People who don't have brains and start backing the underdog just for the sake of it are.

    Chetan Bhagat is a liar by the way.

  2. A dummies guide to Idiots

    If you have been confused with the coverage of blogs and press conferences on the controversy between the makers of 3Idiots and Chetan Bhagat and have not been able to figure out what this is all about – here is a dummies version of the scene.
    Two key points being debated upon are:
    • Is the movie only 10% of the book or are they two different things?

    • Should Chetan be given full credit for the story or only rolling credits at the end of the movie as done?
    If you have not seen the movie or read the book, well – this guide is of no use to you. However, if you have encountered one of the two, then you might find this of interest. If you have done both - please do not start a new controversy on if this guide is 10% or 100% a right interpretation!
    What is similar and not so similar (backdrop and scenes):
    • Engineering College backdrop with 3 friends as key characters (Delhi but IIT substituted with another make believe prestigious college)

    • The introduction – how they meet, though the mode of ragging changes

    • One rich kid, one middle class and one poor

    • Drinking on the roof top – Vodka and grass substituted however with rum in the movie minus Pink Floyd

    • Climbing into the Prof’s house at night to meet his daughter and other such wild pranks and one liners (taking the dad to hospital on the scooter is however a n addon in the movie)

    • Definition of “Machine” – interestingly, Rancho’s simple definition in the Movie of it being something that helps reduce human work is what the Prof uses in the book !

    • The Prof’s son committing suicide after 3 attempts to get into the Engineering college and his suicide note to his sister (only in the Movie, there are 2 sisters – not 1)

    • Names of the characters have been changed and of course the heroine in the movie is with the Rebel (read “R” character – “Rancho” in the Movie and” Ryan” in the book) and not the second Idiot.

    • Vahan – Car of the heroine becomes a scooter in the movie (Rancho has a scooter in the book)

    1. superb basically if we see the writer at staring of writing good fiction story but he should to realize that in bollywood a lot of movies are superhit based on the story. So Bollywood already has a lot of talented people to write such a good fiction story.