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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Women Empowerment Bill

There is something to cheer for all women of India..!Finally women's Bill has been passed in Rajya Sabha. Opposition from SP & RJD didnt work and all other parties gave thumbs down to Yadav's.


  1. Too Good !!!!!!!! Its their fate now ;-)

  2. Very Good !!!! But shall all the MPs & MLAs develop the habit of cooking

  3. well thats really good one.but i think wemen can manage both the front so dont need to worry at all.

  4. Who the hell has told that women cant work and it's the job of women to take care of children. Having sex is the purpose of men, bearing the child in her womb is a woman's pain, and even taking care of the child is just the mother's job?? Are women incompetent in job or men r incompetent at home? I think that later is proven true by you people..